Connection based matchmaking destiny

Skill based matchmaking needs to go connection based matchmaking should be an option not forced upon the player i dont mind a little lag here and there but i am really sensitive from getting demolished 223049 games in a row by people who play exactly like me all destiny needs is matchmaking preferences. There’s a lot of maths that goes on behind the scenes in destiny specifically the type that properly screws me out of decent loot whenever i complete a particularly tough nightfall strike, but that’s besides the point. Destiny's crucible multiplayer mode can be a blast up until you're lumped into a match so laggy that you may lose simply because your rivals keep jumping around that might not be a problem.

In the destiny 2 beta on consoles in july, developer bungie implemented its signature blend of connection-based and skill-based matchmaking in both its quickplay and competitive playlists, but. Skill based matchmaking causes terrible connections, a lack of variety, issues with playing socially with friends and a stagnation of the player base's skill set sbmm was present in destiny 1 and it nearly killed the game entirely from a pvp perspective, at least for myself and many others.

The problem with skill-based matchmaking, gamers say, is that when putting players together, it prioritizes skill ranking over connection strength and availability, thus resulting in long waits. Bungienet is the internet home for bungie, the developer of destiny, halo, myth, oni, and marathon, and the only place with official bungie info straight from the developers.

Bungie connection based matchmaking is now live in skirmish you can have more skill based than connection, or more connection than skill what they're trying to do is find a happy medium where you can find a competitive, playable game destiny was my first online fps, so i went through a long time of being bad.

The whole idea of connection based matchmaking destiny having sbmm is just simply idiotic having only sbmm would cause too many laggy matches for people in a moderately high bracket games started taking longer to find about sally rogers connection based matchmaking destiny.

We are here now in this video i give my opinions on the recent changes to matchmaking. Primarily connection but factors in skill, matches where you either stomp or get stomped because of a massive gulf in skill are annoying i much prefer close matches where you can feel like your achieving something but not just slaughtering noobs.

Connection based matchmaking destiny
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